Cartoon Creation

Link - ToonDoo
Book Link - Maniac Magee

Multiple Intelligences Test

Link 1 - Multiple Intelligences
Link 2 - Learning Styles Quiz

Maniac Magee Book

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50 States

State Game by Region

Name the States Game

Charts and Graphs

Life Expectancy Charts
Migration Charts
Population and Resources

Renaissance Webquest

Renaissance Link
Grade Average Calculation

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Save your file as YourName - Grade Average

Feudal Order Comic Strip

Link for Information
Your task is to research the different social classes of the feudal system and create a comic strip for each class. You will use information from the link provided in your comic strip. Your comics must be both informational and entertaining.

You will research Nobles, Knights, and Peasants

Information in your research must include the following:
1. Clothing
2. Food
3. Homes
4. Two other topics

You must find 3 facts for each area of your research

Vikings Webquest

Black Death DBQ

Middle Ages Webquest

Civilizations of the Americas
You are to research each of the ancient American Civilizations and create Interactive Notes for each civilization. You will use your textbook as well as the provided internet links to help you with this task. At the end of this project, you will have a comprehensive overview of the major civilizations of the Americas.

Maya, Inca, Aztec
North American Civilizations

Roman Numerals Activity

Roman Numerals Game

Roman Numerals Worksheet

Roman Colosseum Activity

You must write down three important facts about each of the following areas of the Colosseum:

1. The Plan

2. The Awning

3. Seating and Society

4. The Circulation System

5. The Arena

6. The Substructure

Roman Army Webquest


Google News Archive

1.Follow the link to the Google News Archive website.
2. Find a newspaper that interests you.
3. Find that newspaper for your birthday.
4. Tell me three headlines that happened on that day and what year it was.
5. Repeat these steps for two more newspapers.

Google News Link

Greek God Trading Cards

Trading Card Link


1. Type in your name and partners name and click next
2. Type in the name of your god and click "create your own"
3. Name section 1 "God or goddess of. . . "
4. Name section 2 "Strengths and Attributes"
5. Name section 3 "Roman Name"
6. Name section 4 "Family Members"
7. Name section 5 "2 Quick Facts"
8.Type your information in all boxes
9.Click Save and save the file as "your name - god name"
10. Send the file to me using dropittome.

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Ancient Greece Webquest 2/20 - 2/21

Webquest Link

Greek Olympics Chart and I am Poem

Olympic City-States link

Ancient Olympics Webquest

Olympics Link

Chinese Timeline Project

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Chinese Inventions Webquest

Inventions Link

Chinese Name

India Test

Indus Valley Webquest


King Tut's Tomb

Mummy Math
Egyptian Tomb Adventure
Mummy How-to

Pyramid Challenge

Mesopotamia Webquest

Follow each hyperlink by holding the ctrl button and clicking on the link. The answers to the questions can be found under each link.

Otzi the Iceman

Iceman Link

World Timeline Project

Timeglider Website

Usernames - Enfield, Enfield2, Enfield3, Enfield4
Password - student

January 16, 2013
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-Save your I Am Poem as "YourName_I am Poem"

I am Poem
I am. . .
I wonder. . .
I hear. . .
I see. . .
I am. . .
I pretend. . .
I feel. . .
I touch. . .
I worry. . .
I cry. . .
I am. . .
I understand. . .
I say. . .
I dream. . .
I try. . .
I hope. . .
I am. . .

Read the Information for the East and West on the Crusades. Create a chart that contains a summary of each bolded section within the text. This information will be used on your test on Friday!!

8th Grade Test

Trivia Club 11/29

Complete the following quizzes and record your score for each quiz. Highest score for all combined scores will win.

Quiz 1

Trivia Club 11/15

Complete the following quizzes and record your score for each quiz. Highest score for all combined scores will win.

Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4

For 32 Points, list all 32 NFL teams and group them within their respected divisions.

12 Tables
Ancient Greek Lesson

Complete the following activities

1. Respond to the Wallwisher question I have posted. Look at what other people have said as well.
2. Complete the Greek Gods matching game.
- Create a chart that lists the God, their symbol, and what they were the God of. **
This information will be used on an open notes quiz on Monday.
3. Find the Olympics Activity at the bottom of the page. Work your way through it, learning what the first Olympics were like.

Mummy Curse Article

Pyramid Game

Inside the Tomb

  1. What does a stela do?
  2. What are two things that hieroglyphics could mean?
  3. Who is buried inside the tomb?
  4. List the four canopic jars. Tell what figure represented each jar as well as what was placed inside each jar.
  5. What do the statues represent?
  6. What are the statues of and what is their purpose?
  7. When looking at ancient gods, what are the animal heads clues to?
  8. List the four gods and explain what they are the god of.
  9. What is the purpose of the hieroglyphics on the tomb?
  10. What objects were found in the coffin? Explain why these items were placed in the coffin.

Map Components Assignment

Using your notes and atlas, complete the questions below and submit the form. These questions will be graded so it is important to take your time and not just guess. When you are finished, you may go to the Latitude and Longitude game to continue practicing.

Latitude and Longitude Treasure

Summer Bridge 2012

States Tutorial
State Game by Region
Name the States Game

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Check out this ToonDoo website. It allows you to make virtual comic strips. Play around with it today and become familiar with it. See what it has to offer and play with all of the tools. Tomorrow we will be creating comic strips focused around a particular topic. Today is a free day on the site to learn how to use it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Take a minute to respond to my Wallwisher question before moving on to your webquest!!

Welcome 6th graders! In preparation for your first year in the middle school, a brief webquest has been put together to test your skills and see what you can discover. Use the websites provided as well as information discussed in class to help answer these questions.

Link 1
EMS Website

Where in World War II Project

You and a partner will research a famous location in World War II. Your end product will be to create direction arrows for your location that will be displayed in the classroom. Your arrows must include the distance to the location from Enfield as well as the direction to the location. You must also include 5 facts that explain the importance of that location in WWII. You will have one day to complete your research and one day to complete the assignment.


1. Direction arrow
2. Distance to destination
3. Direction to destination
4. 5 facts about the importance of destination.
5. 3 paragraph essay on this location (Hand-written)

Map Link

Locations to Choose From:

-St. Mere Eglise
-Iwo Jima
-Coral Sea
-Midway Island
-Pearl Harbor
-Tuskegee, AL
-Kasserine Pass
-El Alamein

Go to the World War One Trench Warfare link.

Turn the volume off on your computer.

Begin mission one and read the scenario before going to the operations room. Try many different combinations on each level to see which combination gives you the best results. Keep track of your outcomes as they will be needed to complete your end of assignment survey. Work your way through each mission, replaying them as often as you would like. Be sure to complete the end of assignment survey before the end of class.

Castle Webquest

Coat of arms

The Olympic Games

Your assignment is to complete the linked reading that compares and contrasts the original Olympic games to modern Olympic games. Once you have completed the reading, you are to create a venn-diagram comparing and contrasting the two. After you have completed the diagram, you are to write a three paragraph essay comparing and contrasting the two. All of this can be done on the same page.

1. Venn-Diagram
2. Three paragraph essay

Link - Olympic Games