The year is 500 B.C. It is an election year in Greece and all of the Gods are buzzing with political talk. Who will take the thrown in this year's election? Your assignment is to choose two Greek gods or goddesses and create campaign posters for them. You want to highlight all of the positive things about them that make them worthy of ruling all of Greece. Your poster must include reasons why they should win as well as attributes that make them worthy of winning. In addition to the two posters, you must also create a campaign speech for one of the two candidtates. The speech must be five paragraphs long and contain information explaining why they should win the election. This project will be completed using Microsoft word.


Two Campaign Posters
- Picture
- 5 reasons why they should win
- 4 attributes that make them worthy of winning

Campaign Speech
- 5 paragraphs
- Explains why the candidate should win
- (Just one campaign speech)

Handwritten notes from your research

Possible gods or goddesses

Apollo - God of light and sun
Ares - God of war
Hades - God of the dead
Morpheus - God of sleep
Poseidon - God of the seas
Zeus - Ruler of all Gods
Aphrodite - Goddess of love
Athena - Goddess of wisdom
Cybele - Goddess of nature
Eirene - Goddess of peace
Muses - Goddess of music