You and your team of experts have been assigned the task of putting together a broad background of a country in the Caribbean. Each member of the team will have a specific area of research to focus on. The team should come together at the end of this project to construct a PowerPoint presentation to present to the class with your findings.


1. Group PowerPoint
2. Individual One Page Essay
3. Group evaluation form

Areas of focus for each member:

Historian - studies the history of the country including independence, important events, and important historical figures.

Things to include:
1.Date of independence
2. Important people
3. Important dates
4. Wars or battles

Climatologist - studeis the weather, climate, vegetation, and wildlife of the country.

Things to include:
1. Weather
3. Vegetation
4.Average Temperature
5. Wildlife

Sociologist - studies the people of the country, how they live, as well as how they interact with each other.

Things to include:
1. Population
2. Religion
3. Ethnic Groups
4. Foods
5. Languages
6. Culture
7. Sports
Travel Agent - studies things to do or see in the country.

Things to include:
1. Tourist spots
2. Famous landmarks
3. Historic locations
4. Best times to visit
5. Best places to eat
Economist (If there is a 5th member) - studies natural resources, trade, and money issues within the country.

Things to include:
1. Natural resources
2. Trade partners
3. Type of currency
4. GDP
5. Exports and Imports