Now that we have studied the 5 Themes of Geography, it is time to put our knowledge to the test. We will examine a case study of the Gulf Oil Spill that occurred in May of 2010. We will read the article posted by the National Wildlife Federation and then answer the following questions. You will work with a partner on this assignment. Both students must turn in their own answer sheet.

Gulf Coast Case Study

1. Explain how the theme of MOVEMENT can be applied to this situation.

2. What REGION does the oil spill occur in?

3. What is the LOCATION of the oil spill?
- Give two responses. 1 using latitude and longitude and one using the directions of a compass.

4. How can the theme of HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION be applied to this case study?

5. Describe the PLACE where the oil spill happened.

6. How did the oil fire originally start?

7. How long did oil leak into the Gulf of Mexico?

8. List two groups who are being blamed for the oil spill. Why is each group being blamed?

9. How can the oil spill be harmful to people?

10. Why would it be disastrous if the oil spill reached the Gulf Coast?

11. Describe three ways that makes oil harmful to birds.

12. Describe why people are so worried about the oil spill.

13. List and describe 4 ways in which the spill is being cleaned up.

14.What are two ways that students can get involved in the cleanup process?

15. Explain the process of CAP AND COLLECT.


Write a letter to the leaders of the BP Oil Company persuading them to practice safer techniques and cleanup procedures in order to keep our environment safe. Explain why it is important to keep the earth safe from disasters such as this one.

**Essay must be at least 3 paragraphs long, checked for spelling and grammar mistakes, and then have a final draft written.