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Follow each hyperlink by holding the ctrl button and clicking on the link. The answers to the questions can be found under each link.

Otzi the Iceman

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Island Brochure Creation

You are going to create a Travel Brochure for the Themed Island that you created. You need to entice travelers to visit your island. The brochure will encompass the five themes of geography. You must explain how each of the themes applies to your island. Use the template that I have provided as a starting guide for your brochure. I have attached the file below as well as additional information that you might find useful for the creation of your brochure.

-How do people get to your island?
-What are the main ways that people travel around your island? (Be creative)
-How does news get around your island?

-What is the climate of your island?
-What customs or traditions do the people who live there practice?
-What holidays are celebrated?

-What are the major attractions?
-What can you do on the island for fun?
-What are the spots that tourists most want to see and why?

-Where is your island located?
- What are the major cities on your island?
-What is each city known for?
-What continent is your island on?

Human-Environment Interaction
-What natural resources are grown or found on the island?
-What resources does the island export?
-What is the island doing to protect the environment?

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