Now that you have planned your trip to Mexico, you will spend some time learning a little bit about the country. Use the links that are provided to answer the questions that go with each section.

First you must save the webquest form either onto your flashdrive or the Thawspace(T) drive. You will be filling your answers onto this form. Make sure that you save your work occasionally to ensure that nothing is lost.

You will begin your study of Mexico with geography. Follow the link and use the map to learn about places to visit in Mexico. Read and answer the questions on your webquest guide.

2.. FOOD
One of the best parts of any culture is the food. Like all countries, Mexico has many interesting and different foods. Use any of the following links to learn more about Mexican food. Don't forget to read and answer the webquest guide questions.

Now that you have "sampled" some of the foods of Mexico you will need to explore Mexico's climate (types of weather)

4. Flag

Do you know what each color on the Mexican flag represents? Use the links below to find out about the Mexican flag. Read and answer the questions on your webquest guide.

Scroll down in the following link to view information about the Mexican flag.

Follow the link to use the currency converter to answer the questions on your webquest guide. Convert dollars into pesos.

Knowing some important phrases in Spanish will be important for travelers. Use the following links to learn a few key phrases.

7. More Discoveries: Use the links below to learn more about Mexico. Write three new things you learned. For example, you might learn about Mexico's natural resources or how many states it has. You may learn about the history of Mexico or animals in Mexico.