Using the attached link, you will take a further look into the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia. You will work with a partner to answer the following questions. You will have to browse through various pages to find the answers to these questions. Look for a topic that matches the question to make this task easier.

1. List four things that were recorded by the Sumerians when they developed their system of writing we call Cuneiform.

2. What kind of government was created by the Mesopotamians?

3. Where did the Babylonians get their laws from?

4. Describe the education and schooling of the ancient Sumerians.

5. How did the Assyrians move goods from one place to another?

6. List 5 crops that were grown and 4 animals that were raised in Mesopotamia.

7. What items could you buy once inside the walls of Babylon?

8. Describe where the civilizations of Assyria and Babylonia were located within the Fertile Crescent.

9. Compare and contrast the art of the Sumerians to the art of the Assyrians.

10. In the cities, what were most homes built around?

11. Describe the houses in ancient Mesopotamia.

12. List four rights that women had in ancient Mesopotamia.

13. Compare and contrast the lives of the Assyrians and Sumerians. (Must have at least 3 of each)

14. Why is the Library at Ninevah so important to Mesopotamia?

15. Read the passage of the Legend of Gilgamesh. Create 3 chunking entries, 3 dialectical journal entries, and 3 vocabulary entries in your JUSTIFICATION NOTEBOOK.