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Mayan People

1. What did the Mayans refer to CHOCOLATE as? See Food
2. Describe the style of farming that the Mayans practiced. See Food
3. How many acres of land were needed for a family of 5 to survive? See Food
4. Describe the math and counting principles that the Mayans used. See Math
5.How many months is a Mayan calendar divided into? See Calendar
6.Who were the only people to know the whole Mayan language? See Writing
7.What is the name of the tree that produces the chewing gum resin? See Chewing Gum
8. What were three items used as legal tender while trading? See Trading
9. Describe how a bug taco was made. See Bug Tacos
10. What mineral was more important than gold to the Mayans? See Jade


11. Describe the geography of the Yucatan Peninsula. See Yucatan
12. The main ceremonial area of Tikal had 200 Stelae. What are Stelae? See Tikal
13.What does "Cozumel" mean? See Cozumel
14. What was the main reason that the Mayans never developed a fully urban culture? See about Mayans
15. What animals fur was hunted and considered to represent power? See Rainforests


16. What were the two special duties during ceremonies and who had to perform them? See Ceremonies
17.Why were monkeys believed to be divine creatures to the Mayans? See Divine Monkey
18. Describe the Mayan god Chac. See Gods
19. In a paragraph, describe the order in which the universe was created. See World Tree
20. What was the feathered serpent? See Feathered Serpent