Week 12 - Where are the Women in Math and Science?
WG Link

Week 11 - Steroids: Substance abuse or an innocent boost for athletes?
Steroids Link

Steroids Explained

Week 10 - Is the death penalty justified?
Death Penalty Link

Week 9 - High School Dropouts: Who is to Blame?
Dropouts Link

Week 8 - How should schools prevent bullying?
Bullying Link

Week 7 - Cloning: Threat or Opportunity?
Cloning Link

Week 6 - Do Professional athletes deserve multi-million dollar contracts?
Athlete Link

Week 5 - Does Rap Music have a negative impact on youth?
Rap Link
Song Lyrics

Week 4 - Should Students be Paid to do Well in School?
Student Incentive Link

Week 3 - School Dress Codes: Not Enough?
Dress Code Link

Week 2 - Global Warming: What Should be Done?
Global Warming Link

Week 1 - Junk Food: Should Schools Sell it?


1. Read article
2. Words, definitions, and part of speech in your notebooks
3. Find at least 3 synonyms and 3 antonyms for each word.

3. Vocab Foldable

-Complete the chart that looks at the average salaries of common people and athletes
-Use the links provided to help with this task
-Once the chart is filled in, calculate the average for both lists
-Compare the average salaries of both lists
-Begin to think about whether or not the large gap between the two groups is fair or not

Common Salaries
Athlete Salaries


NC School Report Card


Dropout Link